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Great Scaling Lessons From Pinterest

17 April 2013

Pinterest is one of the fastest growing social media website. With a huge user base and constant growing community, the guys at Pinterest had their hands full dealing with all the traffic. The exponential grows forced them to constantly improve their architecture and learn several interesting lessons on the way.

Marty Weiner and Yashwanth Nelapati gave a take about scaling Pinterest at the QCon conference. This is a must see presentation for all developers who deals with scalability issues.

My 2 cents, after watching it:

  • Simple design wins. Today we are bombarded with many new technologies and capabilities that often confuse us more than give us good answers. Simple design comes hand in hand with separation of concerns.
  • Learn new technologies but prefer mature ones with large communities. This lesson is not pleasant for “cutting edge” developers, but it bears a solid truth. Mature technologies are reliable and predictable. Combined with a large community you will be able to find the best answer for your problem quickly.
  • A single technology will not solve all your problems, but avoid using too many at once. There is no “magic” code that can do all the things you wish, so pick the ones that give the best solution for a given problem. On the other hand, managing many different technologies require a lot of time learning their bits and bytes. Each technology fails differently and when the hit is on, it is hard to fix something you don’t really know.
  • When you scale by just adding more machines, you are on the right path. This is what horizontal scaling means. If you can combine it with future prediction about growth, you pave your way to success.

The full presentation can be found here.

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