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Statsd C# Client And Aspect Oriented Programming

30 July 2013

Statsd is a state of the art measurement tool created by Etsy. It collects metrics and uses Graphite to visualize them as graphs in unobtrusive way with minimal performance impact. There are some C# clients for Statsd, and all of them take the approach of giving the developer the ability to send metrics via one code line.

When I started to use Statsd I felt this approach is not enough for me. I needed to wrap a method with something and time its execution and wanted a nice and clean way of doing it without polluting my code with metric lines.

Enter AOP

Aspect Oriented Programming is a programming paradigm that aims to increase modularity by allowing the separation of cross-cutting concerns.

AOP allows the developer to enforce cross cutting concerns, such as logging, monitoring, profiling, authenticating etc in a way that will decorate the code. Attributes are classic AOP implementation in C#, but they also come with a burden - you need to use reflection and check if the method has attributes, and than do something with them.

To the rescue comes PostSharp - a leading library in AOP for C#. PostSharp takes the concept of attributes and use it differently. When you use a PostSharp attribute, during the build, the PostSharp engine looks for these attributes and insert them where needed in the IL, so basically you don’t need reflection no more - the code from the attribute is injected to the right places and executes in an orderly fashion. This means no penalties during runtime and cleaner code - blessing from heaven!

Few more words about PostSharp: They offer a free edition (called Express) which is good for commercial use. If you want to use it:

Wrapping It All Up

My job was simple - I needed to combine PostSharp abilities with Statsd C# client (I chose statsd-csharp-client by Goncalo Pereira). I created 3 attributes: Counter, Timing and Gauge, and that’s it.

You can find out more about this project on github Varshaman project.

BTW, Varshaman is a rain gauge in Hindu mythology.

Happy monitoring.

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