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Happiness At Work?

22 December 2013

Yesterday I read a great article about happiness at Buffer. This issue, about happy people working together in a stressful environment like startups is fascinating me for quite a while. An organization who whats to go this path requires to do some brave moves to facilitates happiness as a key value.

Immediately I twitted it, feeling happy and pleased with the latest finding. It looked like this:


A few hours later I had an uncomfortable feeling.. The words I chose reminded me of something else, quite the opposite. Suddenly I remembered where I heard these words before:

Fuck, this is not what I meant.. I wanted people to feel appreciated, involved, have a place to grow themselves, contribute and be contributed by the company.

Have I become so brainwashed by the new trends, the new age stuff that is circling around us for quite a while? Is all this just a way to manipulate us, the new blue collar workers of the 21th century? This is definitely disappointing.

Before I became a tech man, I was a holistic psychotherapist. This was a great time for me and my pursue of the human meaning was the most important thing going on in my life. After a while I decided to make a change - I fell in love with technology and found myself programming - first some HTML pages, than some Javascript. One thing led to another and now I am a deep to my throat with technology and leading a team of 8 at Similar Group. I always try to find ways to make our work exciting - I see it as tool for self growth and meaning.

I believe this kind of approach can make a true change. Agile (in its purest meaning) put people over processes, DevOps is a cultural thing talking about communication, not just CI. There is a growing demand from the people who work in the High Tech industry to look at thing differently that charts and team’s velocity.

We are people who program, not the other way around, and we want to be treated in this order.

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